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ed50507823-Jun-2021 Danack

Add funding file back from wherever it went.

Revision tags: 3.5.0
c9319d1916-Jun-2021 Yongpil Yoon

Fix macOS build issue #430

6fb660ec17-Jun-2021 Danack

Prepare package.xml for the release.

f0650b3b17-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

PixelSetIndex expects a Quantum arg

8cc982df17-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

getColorValue always return a float

Revision tags: 3.5.0RC2
66264f4e16-Jun-2021 Danack

Update package.xml for release.

4385fd8316-Jun-2021 Danack

Correct directory name in package.xml.

ab50000e16-Jun-2021 Danack

Explicitly initialise variable.

940e9b1616-Jun-2021 Danack

Remove unneeded permission.

0830e96616-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

drop duplicates and add stubs in package

446985e416-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

Fix typo in type name

4c0cccda16-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

fix passbyref usage

62dfe38516-Jun-2021 Danack

Preserve pass by reference flag.

a27492ea16-Jun-2021 Danack

ImagickKernel::scale normalize_kernel is optional i.e. has a default.

2605370316-Jun-2021 Danack

unbork filename everywhere. ImagickPixel::getColor should be required.

f58a8d7b16-Jun-2021 Danack

Fix ImagickPixel::construct arg is optional.

15cae4b516-Jun-2021 Danack

Correct Imagick::colorMatrixImage

25b63b9a16-Jun-2021 Danack

Update arg fixup to avoid failures on < php8.

80fc1a7815-Jun-2021 Danack

Whitespace CS.

ed784bce15-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

fix subimageMatch / similarityimage

dc56e4bd15-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

fix newImage, format is optional

35e508d315-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

Fix queryFontMetrics, multiline is optional

e2ae773915-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

fix blurImage, channel is optional

2931e6f015-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

fix writeImage, filename is optional

06d3873b15-Jun-2021 Remi Collet

fix readImageBlob, filename is optional