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Revision tags: php-7.3.13RC1, php-7.2.26RC1, php-7.4.0, php-7.2.25, php-7.3.12, php-7.4.0RC6, php-7.3.12RC1, php-7.2.25RC1, php-7.4.0RC5, php-7.1.33, php-7.2.24, php-7.3.11, php-7.4.0RC4, php-7.3.11RC1, php-7.2.24RC1, php-7.4.0RC3, php-7.2.23, php-7.3.10, php-7.4.0RC2, php-7.2.23RC1, php-7.3.10RC1, php-7.4.0RC1, php-7.1.32, php-7.2.22, php-7.3.9, php-7.4.0beta4, php-7.2.22RC1, php-7.3.9RC1, php-7.4.0beta2, php-7.1.31, php-7.2.21, php-7.3.8, php-7.4.0beta1, php-7.2.21RC1, php-7.3.8RC1, php-7.4.0alpha3, php-7.3.7, php-7.2.20, php-7.4.0alpha2, php-7.3.7RC3, php-7.3.7RC2, php-7.2.20RC2, php-7.4.0alpha1, php-7.3.7RC1, php-7.2.20RC1, php-7.2.19, php-7.3.6, php-7.1.30, php-7.2.19RC1, php-7.3.6RC1, php-7.1.29, php-7.2.18, php-7.3.5, php-7.2.18RC1, php-7.3.5RC1, php-7.2.17, php-7.3.4, php-7.1.28, php-7.3.4RC1, php-7.2.17RC1, php-7.1.27, php-7.3.3, php-7.2.16, php-7.3.3RC1, php-7.2.16RC1, php-7.2.15, php-7.3.2, php-7.2.15RC1
# 92ac598a 22-Jan-2019 Peter Kokot

Remove local variables

This patch removes the so called local variables defined per
file basis for certain editors to properly show tab width, and
similar settings. These are mainly

Remove local variables

This patch removes the so called local variables defined per
file basis for certain editors to properly show tab width, and
similar settings. These are mainly used by Vim and Emacs editors
yet with recent changes the once working definitions don't work
anymore in Vim without custom plugins or additional configuration.
Neither are these settings synced across the PHP code base.

A simpler and better approach is EditorConfig and fixing code
using some code style fixing tools in the future instead.

This patch also removes the so called modelines for Vim. Modelines
allow Vim editor specifically to set some editor configuration such as
syntax highlighting, indentation style and tab width to be set in the
first line or the last 5 lines per file basis. Since the php test
files have syntax highlighting already set in most editors properly and
EditorConfig takes care of the indentation settings, this patch removes
these as well for the Vim 6.0 and newer versions.

With the removal of local variables for certain editors such as
Emacs and Vim, the footer is also probably not needed anymore when
creating extensions using ext_skel.php script.

Additionally, Vim modelines for setting php syntax and some editor
settings has been removed from some *.phpt files. All these are
mostly not relevant for phpt files neither work properly in the
middle of the file.

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Revision tags: php-7.3.2RC1, php-5.6.40, php-7.1.26, php-7.3.1, php-7.2.14, php-7.2.14RC1, php-7.3.1RC1, php-5.6.39, php-7.1.25, php-7.2.13, php-7.0.33, php-7.3.0, php-7.1.25RC1, php-7.2.13RC1, php-7.3.0RC6, php-7.1.24, php-7.2.12, php-7.3.0RC5, php-7.1.24RC1, php-7.2.12RC1, php-7.3.0RC4, php-7.1.23, php-7.2.11, php-7.3.0RC3, php-7.1.23RC1, php-7.2.11RC1, php-7.3.0RC2, php-5.6.38, php-7.1.22, php-7.3.0RC1, php-7.2.10, php-7.0.32, php-7.1.22RC1, php-7.3.0beta3, php-7.2.10RC1, php-7.1.21, php-7.2.9, php-7.3.0beta2, php-7.1.21RC1, php-7.3.0beta1, php-7.2.9RC1, php-5.6.37, php-7.1.20, php-7.3.0alpha4, php-7.0.31, php-7.2.8, php-7.1.20RC1, php-7.2.8RC1, php-7.3.0alpha3, php-7.3.0alpha2, php-7.1.19, php-7.2.7, php-7.1.19RC1, php-7.3.0alpha1, php-7.2.7RC1, php-7.1.18, php-7.2.6, php-7.2.6RC1, php-7.1.18RC1, php-5.6.36, php-7.2.5, php-7.1.17, php-7.0.30, php-7.1.17RC1, php-7.2.5RC1, php-5.6.35, php-7.0.29, php-7.2.4, php-7.1.16, php-7.1.16RC1, php-7.2.4RC1, php-7.1.15, php-5.6.34, php-7.2.3, php-7.0.28, php-7.2.3RC1, php-7.1.15RC1, php-7.1.14, php-7.2.2, php-7.1.14RC1, php-7.2.2RC1, php-7.1.13, php-5.6.33, php-7.2.1, php-7.0.27, php-7.2.1RC1, php-7.1.13RC1, php-7.0.27RC1, php-7.2.0, php-7.1.12, php-7.0.26, php-7.1.12RC1, php-7.2.0RC6, php-7.0.26RC1, php-7.1.11, php-5.6.32, php-7.2.0RC5, php-7.0.25, php-7.1.11RC1, php-7.2.0RC4, php-7.0.25RC1, php-7.1.10, php-7.2.0RC3, php-7.0.24, php-7.2.0RC2, php-7.1.10RC1, php-7.0.24RC1, php-7.1.9, php-7.2.0RC1, php-7.0.23, php-7.1.9RC1, php-7.2.0beta3, php-7.0.23RC1, php-7.1.8, php-7.2.0beta2, php-7.0.22, php-7.1.8RC1, php-7.2.0beta1, php-7.0.22RC1, php-5.6.31, php-7.0.21, php-7.1.7
# a5670004 04-Jul-2017 Anatol Belski

vim folds and modelines

Revision tags: php-7.2.0alpha3, php-7.1.7RC1, php-7.0.21RC1, php-7.2.0alpha2, php-7.1.6, php-7.2.0alpha1, php-7.0.20, php-7.1.6RC1, php-7.0.20RC1, php-7.1.5, php-7.0.19, php-7.0.19RC1, php-7.1.5RC1, php-7.1.4, php-7.0.18, php-7.1.4RC1, php-7.0.18RC1, php-7.1.3, php-7.0.17, php-7.1.3RC1, php-7.0.17RC1, php-7.1.2, php-7.0.16, php-7.0.16RC1, php-7.1.2RC1, php-5.6.30, php-7.0.15, php-5.6.30RC1, php-7.1.1RC1, php-7.0.15RC1, php-7.1.1, php-5.6.29, php-7.0.14, php-7.1.0, php-5.6.29RC1, php-7.0.14RC1, php-7.1.0RC6, php-5.6.28, php-7.0.13, php-5.6.28RC1, php-7.1.0RC5, php-7.0.13RC1, php-7.1.0RC4, php-5.6.27, php-7.0.12, php-7.1.0RC3, php-5.6.27RC1, php-7.0.12RC1, php-5.6.26, php-7.1.0RC2, php-7.0.11, php-5.6.26RC1, php-7.1.0RC1, php-7.0.11RC1, php-7.1.0beta3, php-5.6.25, php-7.0.10, php-7.1.0beta2, php-5.6.25RC1, php-7.0.10RC1, php-7.1.0beta1, php-5.6.24, php-7.0.9, php-5.5.38, php-5.6.24RC1, php-7.1.0alpha3, php-7.0.9RC1, php-7.1.0alpha2, php-7.0.8, php-5.6.23, php-5.5.37, php-5.6.23RC1, php-7.0.8RC1, php-7.1.0alpha1, php-5.6.22, php-5.5.36, php-7.0.7, php-5.6.22RC1, php-7.0.7RC1, php-7.0.6, php-5.6.21, php-5.5.35, php-5.6.21RC1, php-7.0.6RC1, php-5.6.20, php-5.5.34, php-7.0.5, php-5.6.20RC1, php-7.0.5RC1, php-5.6.19, php-5.5.33, php-7.0.4, php-5.6.19RC1, php-7.0.4RC1, php-5.6.18, php-7.0.3, php-5.5.32, php-5.6.18RC1, php-7.0.3RC1, php-5.6.17, php-5.5.31, php-7.0.2, php-7.0.2RC1, php-5.6.17RC1, php-7.0.1RC1, php-7.0.0, php-5.6.16, php-7.0.0RC8, php-7.0.0RC7, php-5.6.16RC1, php-5.6.15, php-7.0.0RC6, php-7.0.1, php-5.6.15RC1, php-7.0.0RC5, php-5.5.30, php-5.6.14, php-7.0.0RC4, php-5.6.14RC1, php-7.0.0RC3, php-5.6.13, php-7.0.0RC2, php-5.5.29, php-5.4.45, php-5.6.13RC1, php-7.0.0RC1, php-5.6.12, php-5.5.28, php-7.0.0beta3, php-5.4.44, php-5.6.12RC1, php-7.0.0beta2, php-7.0.0beta1, php-5.6.11, php-5.5.27, php-5.4.43, php-5.6.11RC1, php-5.5.27RC1, php-7.0.0alpha2, php-5.5.26, php-7.0.0alpha1, php-5.6.10, php-5.4.42, POST_PHP7_NSAPI_REMOVAL, PRE_PHP7_NSAPI_REMOVAL, php-5.6.10RC1, php-5.5.26RC1, php-5.5.25, php-5.6.9, php-5.4.41, php-5.6.9RC1, php-5.5.25RC1, php-5.6.8, php-5.5.24, php-5.4.40, php-5.6.8RC1, php-5.5.24RC1, php-5.6.7, php-5.5.23, php-5.4.39, php-5.6.7RC1, php-5.5.23RC1, POST_PHP7_EREG_MYSQL_REMOVALS, PRE_PHP7_EREG_MYSQL_REMOVALS, php-5.6.6, php-5.5.22, php-5.4.38, POST_PHP7_REMOVALS, PRE_PHP7_REMOVALS, php-5.6.6RC1, php-5.5.22RC1, php-5.5.21, php-5.6.5, php-5.4.37, php-5.5.21RC1, php-5.6.5RC1
# b7a7b1a6 03-Jan-2015 Stanislav Malyshev

trailing whitespace removal

Revision tags: POST_NATIVE_TLS_MERGE, PRE_NATIVE_TLS_MERGE, php-5.5.20, php-5.4.36, php-5.6.4, php-5.6.4RC1, php-5.5.20RC1, php-5.6.3, php-5.5.19, php-5.4.35
# bea7d06b 06-Nov-2014 Anatol Belski

fix comment

Revision tags: php-5.6.3RC1, php-5.5.19RC1, php-5.5.18, php-5.4.34
# 6b0eca06 02-Oct-2014 Chris Tankersley

Various fixes to allow support for new VS2014 features
- Added some typeof checks to handle JS errors introduced in VS2014
- Added VS2014 to the list of compilers
- Changed to use stdi

Various fixes to allow support for new VS2014 features
- Added some typeof checks to handle JS errors introduced in VS2014
- Added VS2014 to the list of compilers
- Changed to use stdint.h if we are using VS2014 or higher
- Skip defining timespec if we're using VS2014 or higher
- Moved u_char typedef out to always be defined regardless of VS version

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Revision tags: php-5.5.18RC1, php-5.6.1, php-5.6.2, php-5.4.33, php-5.5.17, php-5.6.1RC1, php-5.5.17RC1, php-5.4.33RC1
# 1c252d5d 28-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski

use stddef.h definitions for uintptr_t and intptr_t

# 713e9a7e 21-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski

avoid clash when stdint.h was included after win32/php_stdint.h

Revision tags: php-5.4.32
# 8ee2a4a9 16-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski

first shot on merging the core fro the int64 branch

Revision tags: POST_PHPNG_MERGE, PRE_PHPNG_MERGE, php-5.6.0RC4, php-5.3.29
# 7189039d 07-Aug-2014 Anatol Belski

wrap int8_t and int16_t with #ifdef to avoid possible clashes

Revision tags: php-5.5.16RC1, php-5.4.32RC1, php-5.3.29RC1, php-5.6.0RC3, php-5.5.15, php-5.4.31, php-5.4.31RC1, php-5.5.15RC1, php-5.6.0RC2, php-5.4.30, php-5.5.14, php-5.6.0RC1, php-5.5.14RC1, php-5.4.30RC1, php-5.6.0beta4, php-5.4.29, php-5.5.13, php-5.5.13RC1, php-5.6.0beta3, php-5.4.29RC1, php-5.6.0beta2, php-5.5.12, php-5.4.28, php-5.4.28RC1, php-5.5.12RC1, php-5.6.0beta1, php-5.4.27, php-5.5.11, php-5.5.11RC1, php-5.4.27RC1, php-5.5.10, php-5.4.26, php-5.6.0alpha3, php-5.4.26RC1, php-5.5.10RC1, php-5.6.0alpha2, php-5.5.9, php-5.4.25, php-5.5.9RC1, php-5.4.25RC1, php-5.6.0alpha1, php-5.5.8, php-5.4.24, php-5.4.24RC1, php-5.5.8RC1, php-5.5.7, php-5.4.23, php-5.3.28, php-5.5.7RC1, php-5.4.23RC1, php-5.4.22, php-5.5.6, php-5.4.22RC1, php-5.5.6RC1, php-5.4.21, php-5.5.5, php-5.4.21RC1, php-5.5.5RC1, php-5.5.4, php-5.4.20, php-5.5.4RC1, php-5.4.20RC1, php-5.5.3, php-5.4.19, php-5.5.2, php-5.4.18, php-5.5.2RC1, php-5.4.18RC2, php-5.5.1, php-5.4.18RC1, php-5.3.27, php-5.4.17, php-5.5.0, php-5.3.27RC1, php-5.4.17RC1, php-5.5.0RC3, php-5.3.26, php-5.4.16, php-5.5.0RC2, php-5.3.26RC1, php-5.4.16RC1, php-5.5.0RC1, php-5.3.25, php-5.4.15, php-5.3.25RC1, php-5.5.0beta4, php-5.4.15RC1, php-5.4.14, php-5.3.24, php-5.5.0beta3, php-5.3.24RC1, php-5.4.14RC1, php-5.5.0beta2, php-5.5.0beta1, php-5.3.23, php-5.4.13, php-5.5.0alpha6, php-5.3.23RC1, php-5.4.13RC1, php-5.3.22, php-5.5.0alpha5, php-5.4.12, php-5.3.22RC2, php-5.4.12RC2, php-5.3.22RC1, php-5.4.12RC1, php-5.5.0alpha4, php-5.3.21, php-5.4.11, php-5.5.0alpha3, php-5.3.21RC1, php-5.4.11RC1, php-5.3.20, php-5.4.10, php-5.5.0alpha2, php-5.3.20RC1, php-5.4.10RC1, php-5.3.19, php-5.4.9, php-5.5.0alpha1, php-5.3.19RC1, php-5.4.9RC1, php-5.3.18, php-5.4.8, php-5.3.18RC1, php-5.4.8RC1, php-5.3.17, php-5.4.7, php-5.4.7RC1, php-5.3.16, php-5.4.6, php-5.4.6RC1, php-5.4.5, php-5.3.15, php-5.3.15RC1, php-5.4.5RC1, php-5.3.14, php-5.4.4, php-5.3.14RC2, php-5.4.4RC2, php-5.3.14RC1, php-5.4.4RC1, php-5.3.13, php-5.4.3, php-5.4.2, php-5.3.12, php-5.3.11, php-5.4.1, php-5.3.11RC2, php-5.4.1RC2, php-5.3.11RC1, php-5.4.1RC1, PHP-5.4.1-RC1, php-5.4.0, php-5.4.0RC8, php-5.3.10, php-5.4.0RC7, php-5.4.0RC6, php-5.3.9, php-5.4.0RC5, php-5.3.9RC4, php-5.4.0RC4, php-5.3.9RC3, php-5.4.0RC3, php-5.3.9RC2, php-5.4.0RC2, php-5.4.0RC1, php-5.3.9RC1, php-5.4.0beta2, php-5.4.0beta1, yaf-2.1.0, php-5.3.8, php-5.3.7, php-5.3.7RC5, php-5.4.0alpha3, php-5.3.7RC4, php-5.3.7RC3, php-5.4.0alpha2, php-5.3.7RC2, php-5.4.0alpha1, php-5.3.7RC1, php-5.3.6, php-5.3.6RC3, php-5.3.6RC2, php-5.3.6RC1, php-5.2.17, php-5.3.5, php-5.2.16, php-5.2.15, php-5.3.4, php-5.2.15RC2, php-5.3.4RC2, php-5.3.4RC1, php-5.2.15RC1, PHP_5_2_15RC1, oci8-1.4.3, php-5.2.14, php-5.3.3, php-5.3.3RC3, php-5.2.14RC3, php-5.3.3RC2, php-5.2.14RC2, php-5.3.3RC1, php-5.2.14RC1, php-5.3.2, php-5.2.13, php-5.3.2RC3, php-5.3.2RC2, php-5.2.13RC2, php-5.2.13RC1, php-5.3.2RC1, php-5.2.12, php-5.2.12RC4
# 1063c834 03-Dec-2009 Kalle Sommer Nielsen

MFT: VC10 build support

Revision tags: php-5.2.12RC3, php-5.2.12RC2, php-5.3.1, php-5.3.1RC4, php-5.2.12RC1, php-5.3.1RC3, php-5.3.1RC2, oci8-1.4.0, php-5.2.11, php-5.2.11RC3, php-5.3.1RC1, php-5.2.11RC2, php-5.2.11RC1, php-5.3.0, php-5.3.0RC4, php-5.2.10, php-5.2.10RC2, php-5.3.0RC3, php-5.2.10RC1, php-5.3.0RC2
# ffca50ca 04-May-2009 Pierre Joye

- revert last commit and fix inline

# e274a016 04-May-2009 Pierre Joye

- a macro will just do it too

# 65a95308 04-May-2009 Pierre Joye

- add llabs

Revision tags: php-5.3.0RC1, RELEASE_1_3_5, php-5.2.9, php-5.2.9RC3, php-5.2.9RC2, php-5.2.9RC1, php-5.3.0beta1
# a5af8a7e 27-Jan-2009 Pierre Joye

- prevent redefinition

# 08659c2d 31-Dec-2008 Sebastian Bergmann

MFH: Bump copyright year, 3 of 3.

Revision tags: NEWS, php-5.2.8, BEFORE_HEAD_NS_CHANGES_MERGE, php-5.3.0alpha3, php-5.3.0alpha2, php-5.2.7, php-5.2.7RC5, php-5.2.7RC4, BEFORE_HEAD_NS_CHANGE, BEFORE_NS_RULES_CHANGE, php-5.2.7RC3, php-5.2.7RC2, php-5.2.7RC1, php-4.4.9, php-5.3.0alpha1
# 1e820eca 28-Jul-2008 Pierre Joye

- #45430, windows implementation of crypt is not TS
- add Blowfish (using implementation from Solar Designer <solar at openwal dot com>) and extended DES support
- Make crypt fea

- #45430, windows implementation of crypt is not TS
- add Blowfish (using implementation from Solar Designer <solar at openwal dot com>) and extended DES support
- Make crypt features portable:
- if no crypt_r, php's implemetation is used (all algo and TS), php can't be used with unsafe crypt anymore
- if one algo is missing, php's implemetation is used
- Windows always use php's implementation
- removed old code in windows/

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