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# 92ac598a 22-Jan-2019 Peter Kokot

Remove local variables

This patch removes the so called local variables defined per
file basis for certain editors to properly show tab width, and
similar settings. These are mainly

Remove local variables

This patch removes the so called local variables defined per
file basis for certain editors to properly show tab width, and
similar settings. These are mainly used by Vim and Emacs editors
yet with recent changes the once working definitions don't work
anymore in Vim without custom plugins or additional configuration.
Neither are these settings synced across the PHP code base.

A simpler and better approach is EditorConfig and fixing code
using some code style fixing tools in the future instead.

This patch also removes the so called modelines for Vim. Modelines
allow Vim editor specifically to set some editor configuration such as
syntax highlighting, indentation style and tab width to be set in the
first line or the last 5 lines per file basis. Since the php test
files have syntax highlighting already set in most editors properly and
EditorConfig takes care of the indentation settings, this patch removes
these as well for the Vim 6.0 and newer versions.

With the removal of local variables for certain editors such as
Emacs and Vim, the footer is also probably not needed anymore when
creating extensions using ext_skel.php script.

Additionally, Vim modelines for setting php syntax and some editor
settings has been removed from some *.phpt files. All these are
mostly not relevant for phpt files neither work properly in the
middle of the file.

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# 0cf7de1c 30-Jan-2019 Zeev Suraski

Remove yearly range from copyright notice

Revision tags: php-7.3.2RC1, php-5.6.40, php-7.1.26, php-7.3.1, php-7.2.14, php-7.2.14RC1, php-7.3.1RC1, php-5.6.39, php-7.1.25, php-7.2.13, php-7.0.33, php-7.3.0, php-7.1.25RC1, php-7.2.13RC1, php-7.3.0RC6, php-7.1.24, php-7.2.12, php-7.3.0RC5, php-7.1.24RC1, php-7.2.12RC1, php-7.3.0RC4
# 902d39a3 13-Oct-2018 Peter Kokot

Trim trailing whitespace in source code files

# 7f6387b5 13-Oct-2018 Peter Kokot

Trim trailing whitespace in source code files

Revision tags: php-7.1.23, php-7.2.11, php-7.3.0RC3, php-7.1.23RC1, php-7.2.11RC1, php-7.3.0RC2, php-5.6.38, php-7.1.22, php-7.3.0RC1, php-7.2.10, php-7.0.32, php-7.1.22RC1, php-7.3.0beta3, php-7.2.10RC1, php-7.1.21, php-7.2.9, php-7.3.0beta2, php-7.1.21RC1, php-7.3.0beta1, php-7.2.9RC1
# a5e80b22 25-Jul-2018 Peter Kokot

Fix typos in code comments

Revision tags: php-5.6.37, php-7.1.20, php-7.3.0alpha4, php-7.0.31, php-7.2.8, php-7.1.20RC1, php-7.2.8RC1, php-7.3.0alpha3, php-7.3.0alpha2, php-7.1.19, php-7.2.7, php-7.1.19RC1, php-7.3.0alpha1, php-7.2.7RC1, php-7.1.18, php-7.2.6, php-7.2.6RC1, php-7.1.18RC1, php-5.6.36, php-7.2.5, php-7.1.17, php-7.0.30, php-7.1.17RC1, php-7.2.5RC1, php-5.6.35, php-7.0.29, php-7.2.4, php-7.1.16, php-7.1.16RC1, php-7.2.4RC1, php-7.1.15, php-5.6.34, php-7.2.3, php-7.0.28, php-7.2.3RC1, php-7.1.15RC1, php-7.1.14, php-7.2.2, php-7.1.14RC1, php-7.2.2RC1
# c215b8d1 04-Jan-2018 Gabriel Caruso

Trailing whitespaces on win32

Signed-off-by: Gabriel Caruso <carusogabriel34@gmail.com>

Revision tags: php-7.1.13, php-5.6.33, php-7.2.1, php-7.0.27
# a6519d05 02-Jan-2018 Xinchen Hui


# 7a7ec01a 02-Jan-2018 Xinchen Hui


# ccd4716e 02-Jan-2018 Xinchen Hui


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# dac6c639 04-Jan-2017 Sammy Kaye Powers

Update copyright headers to 2017

# 9e29f841 02-Jan-2017 Sammy Kaye Powers

Update copyright headers to 2017

Revision tags: php-7.1.1, php-5.6.29, php-7.0.14, php-7.1.0, php-5.6.29RC1, php-7.0.14RC1, php-7.1.0RC6, php-5.6.28, php-7.0.13, php-5.6.28RC1, php-7.1.0RC5, php-7.0.13RC1, php-7.1.0RC4, php-5.6.27, php-7.0.12, php-7.1.0RC3, php-5.6.27RC1, php-7.0.12RC1, php-5.6.26, php-7.1.0RC2, php-7.0.11, php-5.6.26RC1, php-7.1.0RC1, php-7.0.11RC1, php-7.1.0beta3, php-5.6.25, php-7.0.10, php-7.1.0beta2, php-5.6.25RC1, php-7.0.10RC1, php-7.1.0beta1, php-5.6.24, php-7.0.9, php-5.5.38
# 2349332b 17-Jul-2016 Anatol Belski

correct macro names

Revision tags: php-5.6.24RC1, php-7.1.0alpha3, php-7.0.9RC1, php-7.1.0alpha2, php-7.0.8, php-5.6.23, php-5.5.37
# 3d3f11ed 20-Jun-2016 Anatol Belski

Fixed the UTF-8 and long path support in the streams on Windows.

Since long the default PHP charset is UTF-8, however the Windows part is
out of step with this important point. The curre

Fixed the UTF-8 and long path support in the streams on Windows.

Since long the default PHP charset is UTF-8, however the Windows part is
out of step with this important point. The current implementation in PHP
doesn't technically permit to handle UTF-8 filepath and several other
things. Till now, only the ANSI compatible APIs are being used. Here is more
about it


The patch fixes not only issues with multibyte filenames under
incompatible codepages, but indirectly also issues with some other multibyte
encodings like BIG5, Shift-JIS, etc. by providing a clean way to access
filenames in UTF-8. Below is a small list of issues from the bug tracker,
that are getting fixed:


Yet more related tickets can for sure be found - on bugs.php.net, Stackoverflow
and Github. Some of the bugs are pretty recent, some descend to early
2000th, but the user comments in there last even till today. Just for example,
bug #30195 was opened in 2004, the latest comment in there was made in 2014. It
is certain, that these bugs descend not only to pure PHP use cases, but get also
redirected from the popular PHP based projects. Given the modern systems (and
those supported by PHP) are always based on NTFS, there is no excuse to keep
these issues unresolved.

The internalization approach on Windows is in many ways different from
UNIX and Linux, while it supports and is based on Unicode. It depends on the
current system code page, APIs used and exact kind how the binary was compiled
The locale doesn't affect the way Unicode or ANSI API work. PHP in particular
is being compiled without _UNICODE defined and this is conditioned by the
way we handle strings. Here is more about it


However, with any system code page ANSI functions automatically convert
paths to UTF-16. Paths in some encodings incompatible with the
current system code page, won't work correctly with ANSI APIs. PHP
till now only uses the ANSI Windows APIs.

For example, on a system with the current code page 1252, the paths
in cp1252 are supported and transparently converted to UTF-16 by the
ANSI functions. Once one wants to handle a filepath encoded with cp932 on
that particular system, an ANSI or a POSIX compatible function used in
PHP will produce an erroneous result. When trying to convert that cp932 path
to UTF-8 and passing to the ANSI functions, an ANSI function would
likely interpret the UTF-8 string as some string in the current code page and
create a filepath that represents every single byte of the UTF-8 string.
These behaviors are not only broken but also disregard the documented
INI settings.

This patch solves the issies with the multibyte paths on Windows by
intelligently enforcing the usage of the Unicode aware APIs. For
functions expect Unicode (fe CreateFileW, FindFirstFileW, etc.), arguments
will be converted to UTF-16 wide chars. For functions returning Unicode
aware data (fe GetCurrentDirectoryW, etc.), resulting wide string is
converted back to char's depending on the current PHP charset settings,
either to the current ANSI codepage (this is the behavior prior to this patch)
or to UTF-8 (the default behavior).

In a particular case, users might have to explicitly set
internal_encoding or default_charset, if filenames in ANSI codepage are
necessary. Current tests show no regressions and witness that this will be an
exotic case, the current default UTF-8 encoding is compatible with any
supported system. The dependency libraries are long switching to Unicode APIs,
so some tests were also added for extensions not directly related to streams.
At large, the patch brings over 150 related tests into the core. Those target
and was run on various environments with European, Asian, etc. codepages.
General PHP frameworks was tested and showed no regressions.

The impact on the current C code base is low, the most places affected
are the Windows only places in the three files tsrm_win32.c, zend_virtual_cwd.c
and plain_wrapper.c. The actual implementation of the most of the wide
char supporting functionality is in win32/ioutil.* and win32/codepage.*,
several low level functionsare extended in place to avoid reimplementation for
now. No performance impact was sighted. As previously mentioned, the ANSI APIs
used prior the patch perform Unicode conversions internally. Using the
Unicode APIs directly while doing custom conversions just retains the status
quo. The ways to optimize it are open (fe. by implementing caching for the
strings converted to wide variants).

The long path implementation is user transparent. If a path exceeds the
length of _MAX_PATH, it'll be automatically prefixed with \\?\. The MAXPATHLEN
is set to 2048 bytes.

Appreciation to Pierre Joye, Matt Ficken, @algo13 and others for tips, ideas
and testing.


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