xref: /PHP-7.4/.gitattributes (revision 37043e07)
1*04be076aSPeter Kokot# Replace $Id$ strings with 40-character hexadecimal blob object name.
2*04be076aSPeter Kokot/ext/ext_skel.php               ident
3*04be076aSPeter Kokot/ext/phar/phar/pharcommand.inc  ident
4*04be076aSPeter Kokot/ext/dba/libinifile/inifile.c   ident
5*04be076aSPeter Kokot/ext/dba/libflatfile/flatfile.c ident
6*04be076aSPeter Kokot/ext/dba/libcdb/cdb_make.c      ident
7*04be076aSPeter Kokot/ext/dba/libcdb/cdb.c           ident
8*04be076aSPeter Kokot/run-tests.php                  ident
9*04be076aSPeter Kokot
10*04be076aSPeter Kokot# A custom merge driver to avoid automatic merges. These are manually merged.
11*04be076aSPeter Kokot# See https://wiki.php.net/vcs/gitfaq
12*04be076aSPeter Kokot/NEWS                merge=NEWS
13*04be076aSPeter Kokot/UPGRADING           merge=NEWS
14*04be076aSPeter Kokot/UPGRADING.INTERNALS merge=NEWS
15*04be076aSPeter Kokot
16*04be076aSPeter Kokot# Enable commit diffs for binary PHP test files. Some PHP test files include
17*04be076aSPeter Kokot# special characters, such as ASCII control characters. Git recognizes these as
18*04be076aSPeter Kokot# binary and wouldn't generate diffs.
19*04be076aSPeter Kokot*.phpt diff