xref: /PHP-5.5/php5.spec.in (revision f4983c0d)
17c2f1384SStig Bakken%define version @VERSION@
2*f4983c0dSfoobar%define so_version 5
3*f4983c0dSfoobar%define release 0
47c2f1384SStig Bakken
57c2f1384SStig BakkenName: php
67c2f1384SStig BakkenSummary: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
77c2f1384SStig BakkenGroup: Development/Languages
87c2f1384SStig BakkenVersion: %{version}
97c2f1384SStig BakkenRelease: %{release}
107c2f1384SStig BakkenCopyright: The PHP license (see "LICENSE" file included in distribution)
11*f4983c0dSfoobarSource: http://www.php.net/get/php-%{version}.tar.gz/from/a/mirror
1237835768SJames CoxIcon: php.gif
137c2f1384SStig BakkenURL: http://www.php.net/
147c2f1384SStig BakkenPackager: PHP Group <group@php.net>
157c2f1384SStig Bakken
167c2f1384SStig BakkenBuildRoot: /var/tmp/php-%{version}
177c2f1384SStig Bakken
187c2f1384SStig Bakken%description
197c2f1384SStig BakkenPHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. Much of its syntax is
207c2f1384SStig Bakkenborrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific
217c2f1384SStig Bakkenfeatures thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web
227c2f1384SStig Bakkendevelopers to write dynamically generated pages quickly.
237c2f1384SStig Bakken
247c2f1384SStig Bakken%prep
257c2f1384SStig Bakken
267c2f1384SStig Bakken%setup
277c2f1384SStig Bakken
287c2f1384SStig Bakken%build
297c2f1384SStig Bakkenset -x
307c2f1384SStig Bakken./buildconf
317c2f1384SStig Bakken./configure --prefix=/usr --with-apxs \
323bb2c572Sfoobar	--disable-debug \
337c2f1384SStig Bakken	--with-xml=shared \
347c2f1384SStig Bakken
357c2f1384SStig Bakken# figure out configure options options based on what packages are installed
367c2f1384SStig Bakken# to override, use the OVERRIDE_OPTIONS environment variable.  To add
377c2f1384SStig Bakken# extra options, use the OPTIONS environment variable.
387c2f1384SStig Bakken
397c2f1384SStig Bakken#test rpm -q MySQL-devel >&/dev/null && OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --with-mysql=shared"
407c2f1384SStig Bakken#test rpm -q solid-devel >&/dev/null && OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --with-solid=shared,/home/solid"
417c2f1384SStig Bakken#test rpm -q postgresql-devel >&/dev/null && OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --with-pgsql=shared"
427c2f1384SStig Bakkentest rpm -q expat >&/dev/null && OPTIONS="$OPTIONS --with-xml=shared"
437c2f1384SStig Bakken
447c2f1384SStig Bakkenif test "x$OVERRIDE_OPTIONS" = "x"; then
457c2f1384SStig Bakken    ./configure --prefix=/usr --with-apxs=$APXS $OPTIONS
467c2f1384SStig Bakkenelse
477c2f1384SStig Bakken    ./configure $OVERRIDE_OPTIONS
487c2f1384SStig Bakkenfi