xref: /PHP-5.5/php.ini-development (revision 6d148f7e)
1c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[PHP]
2c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
3c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
4c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; About php.ini   ;
5c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
6c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP's initialization file, generally called php.ini, is responsible for
7c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; configuring many of the aspects of PHP's behavior.
8c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
9c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP attempts to find and load this configuration from a number of locations.
10c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The following is a summary of its search order:
1179e1cf2fSJohannes Schlüter; 1. SAPI module specific location.
12c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; 2. The PHPRC environment variable. (As of PHP 5.2.0)
13c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; 3. A number of predefined registry keys on Windows (As of PHP 5.2.0)
14c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; 4. Current working directory (except CLI)
15c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; 5. The web server's directory (for SAPI modules), or directory of PHP
16c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; (otherwise in Windows)
17c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; 6. The directory from the --with-config-file-path compile time option, or the
18c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Windows directory (C:\windows or C:\winnt)
19c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; See the PHP docs for more specific information.
20c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/configuration.file
21c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
22710021d1SJohannes Schlüter; The syntax of the file is extremely simple.  Whitespace and lines
23c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; beginning with a semicolon are silently ignored (as you probably guessed).
24c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Section headers (e.g. [Foo]) are also silently ignored, even though
2584dcca9fSLukas Smith; they might mean something in the future.
26e0669bf1SEric Stewart
27e0669bf1SEric Stewart; Directives following the section heading [PATH=/www/mysite] only
28e0669bf1SEric Stewart; apply to PHP files in the /www/mysite directory.  Directives
29e0669bf1SEric Stewart; following the section heading [HOST=www.example.com] only apply to
30e0669bf1SEric Stewart; PHP files served from www.example.com.  Directives set in these
31e0669bf1SEric Stewart; special sections cannot be overridden by user-defined INI files or
32e0669bf1SEric Stewart; at runtime. Currently, [PATH=] and [HOST=] sections only work under
33e0669bf1SEric Stewart; CGI/FastCGI.
34c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/ini.sections
35c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
36c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Directives are specified using the following syntax:
37c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; directive = value
38c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Directive names are *case sensitive* - foo=bar is different from FOO=bar.
39e0669bf1SEric Stewart; Directives are variables used to configure PHP or PHP extensions.
40e0669bf1SEric Stewart; There is no name validation.  If PHP can't find an expected
41e0669bf1SEric Stewart; directive because it is not set or is mistyped, a default value will be used.
42c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
43c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The value can be a string, a number, a PHP constant (e.g. E_ALL or M_PI), one
44c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; of the INI constants (On, Off, True, False, Yes, No and None) or an expression
45e0669bf1SEric Stewart; (e.g. E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE), a quoted string ("bar"), or a reference to a
46e0669bf1SEric Stewart; previously set variable or directive (e.g. ${foo})
47c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
48c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Expressions in the INI file are limited to bitwise operators and parentheses:
49c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; |  bitwise OR
50e0669bf1SEric Stewart; ^  bitwise XOR
51c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; &  bitwise AND
52c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; ~  bitwise NOT
53c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; !  boolean NOT
54c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
55c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Boolean flags can be turned on using the values 1, On, True or Yes.
56c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; They can be turned off using the values 0, Off, False or No.
57c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
58c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; An empty string can be denoted by simply not writing anything after the equal
59c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; sign, or by using the None keyword:
60c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
61c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;  foo =         ; sets foo to an empty string
62c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;  foo = None    ; sets foo to an empty string
63c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;  foo = "None"  ; sets foo to the string 'None'
64c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
65c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; If you use constants in your value, and these constants belong to a
66c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; dynamically loaded extension (either a PHP extension or a Zend extension),
67c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; you may only use these constants *after* the line that loads the extension.
68c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
69c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
70c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; About this file ;
71c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
72c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP comes packaged with two INI files. One that is recommended to be used
73c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; in production environments and one that is recommended to be used in
74c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; development environments.
75c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
76c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; php.ini-production contains settings which hold security, performance and
77c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; best practices at its core. But please be aware, these settings may break
78c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; compatibility with older or less security conscience applications. We
79c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; recommending using the production ini in production and testing environments.
80c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
81c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; php.ini-development is very similar to its production variant, except it's
82c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; much more verbose when it comes to errors. We recommending using the
83c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; development version only in development environments as errors shown to
84c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; application users can inadvertently leak otherwise secure information.
85c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
860ad0a2f5SOndřej Surý; This is php.ini-development INI file.
870ad0a2f5SOndřej Surý
88c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
89c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Quick Reference ;
90c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
91c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The following are all the settings which are different in either the production
92c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; or development versions of the INIs with respect to PHP's default behavior.
93c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Please see the actual settings later in the document for more details as to why
94c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; we recommend these changes in PHP's behavior.
95c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
96c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; display_errors
97c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: On
98c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: On
99c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: Off
100c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
101c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; display_startup_errors
102c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: Off
103c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: On
104c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: Off
105c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
106c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; error_reporting
1077bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev;   Default Value: E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED
1087bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev;   Development Value: E_ALL
1093f43c3efSStanislav Malyshev;   Production Value: E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT
110c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
111c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; html_errors
112c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: On
113c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: On
114840ef1e3SDerick Rethans;   Production value: On
115c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
116c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; log_errors
117c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: Off
118c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: On
119c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: On
120c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
121c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; max_input_time
122c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: -1 (Unlimited)
123c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: 60 (60 seconds)
124c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: 60 (60 seconds)
125c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
126c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; output_buffering
127c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: Off
128c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: 4096
129c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: 4096
130c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
131c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; register_argc_argv
132c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: On
133c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: Off
134c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: Off
135c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
136c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; request_order
137c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: None
138c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: "GP"
139c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: "GP"
140c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
141c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; session.gc_divisor
142c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: 100
143c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: 1000
144c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: 1000
145c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
146c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; session.hash_bits_per_character
147c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: 4
148c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: 5
149c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: 5
150c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
151c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; short_open_tag
152c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: On
153c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: Off
154c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: Off
155c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
156c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; track_errors
157c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: Off
158c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: On
159c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: Off
160c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
161c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; url_rewriter.tags
162c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: "a=href,area=href,frame=src,form=,fieldset="
163c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry"
164c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: "a=href,area=href,frame=src,input=src,form=fakeentry"
165c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
166c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; variables_order
167c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Default Value: "EGPCS"
168c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Development Value: "GPCS"
169c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Production Value: "GPCS"
170c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
171c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
172c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; php.ini Options  ;
173c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
174c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Name for user-defined php.ini (.htaccess) files. Default is ".user.ini"
175c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;user_ini.filename = ".user.ini"
176c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
177c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; To disable this feature set this option to empty value
178c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;user_ini.filename =
179c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
180c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; TTL for user-defined php.ini files (time-to-live) in seconds. Default is 300 seconds (5 minutes)
181c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;user_ini.cache_ttl = 300
182c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
183c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
184c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Language Options ;
185c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
186c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
187c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Enable the PHP scripting language engine under Apache.
188c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/engine
189c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterengine = On
190c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
191c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive determines whether or not PHP will recognize code between
192160cd8d0SAdam Harvey; <? and ?> tags as PHP source which should be processed as such. It is
193160cd8d0SAdam Harvey; generally recommended that <?php and ?> should be used and that this feature
194160cd8d0SAdam Harvey; should be disabled, as enabling it may result in issues when generating XML
195160cd8d0SAdam Harvey; documents, however this remains supported for backward compatibility reasons.
196160cd8d0SAdam Harvey; Note that this directive does not control the <?= shorthand tag, which can be
197160cd8d0SAdam Harvey; used regardless of this directive.
198c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: On
199c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: Off
200c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: Off
201c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/short-open-tag
202c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütershort_open_tag = Off
203c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
204c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Allow ASP-style <% %> tags.
205c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/asp-tags
206c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterasp_tags = Off
207c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
208c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The number of significant digits displayed in floating point numbers.
209c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/precision
210c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterprecision = 14
211c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
212c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Output buffering is a mechanism for controlling how much output data
213c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; (excluding headers and cookies) PHP should keep internally before pushing that
214c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; data to the client. If your application's output exceeds this setting, PHP
215c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; will send that data in chunks of roughly the size you specify.
216c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Turning on this setting and managing its maximum buffer size can yield some
217c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; interesting side-effects depending on your application and web server.
218c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; You may be able to send headers and cookies after you've already sent output
219c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; through print or echo. You also may see performance benefits if your server is
220c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; emitting less packets due to buffered output versus PHP streaming the output
221c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; as it gets it. On production servers, 4096 bytes is a good setting for performance
222c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; reasons.
223c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: Output buffering can also be controlled via Output Buffering Control
224c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   functions.
225c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Possible Values:
226c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   On = Enabled and buffer is unlimited. (Use with caution)
227c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Off = Disabled
228c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Integer = Enables the buffer and sets its maximum size in bytes.
229d038c5f0SHannes Magnusson; Note: This directive is hardcoded to Off for the CLI SAPI
230c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: Off
231c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: 4096
232c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: 4096
233c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/output-buffering
234c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüteroutput_buffering = 4096
235c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
236c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; You can redirect all of the output of your scripts to a function.  For
237c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; example, if you set output_handler to "mb_output_handler", character
238c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; encoding will be transparently converted to the specified encoding.
239c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Setting any output handler automatically turns on output buffering.
240c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: People who wrote portable scripts should not depend on this ini
241c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   directive. Instead, explicitly set the output handler using ob_start().
242c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Using this ini directive may cause problems unless you know what script
243c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   is doing.
244c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: You cannot use both "mb_output_handler" with "ob_iconv_handler"
245c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   and you cannot use both "ob_gzhandler" and "zlib.output_compression".
246c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: output_handler must be empty if this is set 'On' !!!!
247c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   Instead you must use zlib.output_handler.
248c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/output-handler
249c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;output_handler =
250c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
251c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Transparent output compression using the zlib library
252c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Valid values for this option are 'off', 'on', or a specific buffer size
253c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; to be used for compression (default is 4KB)
254c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: Resulting chunk size may vary due to nature of compression. PHP
255c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   outputs chunks that are few hundreds bytes each as a result of
256c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   compression. If you prefer a larger chunk size for better
257c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   performance, enable output_buffering in addition.
258c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: You need to use zlib.output_handler instead of the standard
259c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   output_handler, or otherwise the output will be corrupted.
260c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/zlib.output-compression
261c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterzlib.output_compression = Off
262c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
263c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/zlib.output-compression-level
264c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;zlib.output_compression_level = -1
265c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
266c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; You cannot specify additional output handlers if zlib.output_compression
267c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; is activated here. This setting does the same as output_handler but in
268c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; a different order.
269c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/zlib.output-handler
270c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;zlib.output_handler =
271c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
272c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Implicit flush tells PHP to tell the output layer to flush itself
273c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; automatically after every output block.  This is equivalent to calling the
274c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP function flush() after each and every call to print() or echo() and each
275c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; and every HTML block.  Turning this option on has serious performance
276c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; implications and is generally recommended for debugging purposes only.
277c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/implicit-flush
278d038c5f0SHannes Magnusson; Note: This directive is hardcoded to On for the CLI SAPI
279c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterimplicit_flush = Off
280c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
281c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The unserialize callback function will be called (with the undefined class'
282c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; name as parameter), if the unserializer finds an undefined class
283c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; which should be instantiated. A warning appears if the specified function is
284c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; not defined, or if the function doesn't include/implement the missing class.
285c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; So only set this entry, if you really want to implement such a
286c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; callback-function.
287c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterunserialize_callback_func =
288c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
289c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; When floats & doubles are serialized store serialize_precision significant
290c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; digits after the floating point. The default value ensures that when floats
291c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; are decoded with unserialize, the data will remain the same.
292efa9a8eeSGustavo André dos Santos Lopesserialize_precision = 17
293c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
294c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; open_basedir, if set, limits all file operations to the defined directory
295c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; and below.  This directive makes most sense if used in a per-directory
296*6d148f7eSSobak; or per-virtualhost web server configuration file.
297c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/open-basedir
298c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;open_basedir =
299c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
300c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive allows you to disable certain functions for security reasons.
301*6d148f7eSSobak; It receives a comma-delimited list of function names.
302c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/disable-functions
303c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdisable_functions =
304c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
305c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive allows you to disable certain classes for security reasons.
306*6d148f7eSSobak; It receives a comma-delimited list of class names.
307c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/disable-classes
308c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdisable_classes =
309c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
310c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Colors for Syntax Highlighting mode.  Anything that's acceptable in
311c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; <span style="color: ???????"> would work.
312c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/syntax-highlighting
313c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;highlight.string  = #DD0000
314c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;highlight.comment = #FF9900
315c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;highlight.keyword = #007700
316c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;highlight.default = #0000BB
317c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;highlight.html    = #000000
318c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
319c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; If enabled, the request will be allowed to complete even if the user aborts
320c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; the request. Consider enabling it if executing long requests, which may end up
321c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; being interrupted by the user or a browser timing out. PHP's default behavior
322c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; is to disable this feature.
323c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/ignore-user-abort
324c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;ignore_user_abort = On
325c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
326c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Determines the size of the realpath cache to be used by PHP. This value should
327c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; be increased on systems where PHP opens many files to reflect the quantity of
328c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; the file operations performed.
329c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/realpath-cache-size
330c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;realpath_cache_size = 16k
331c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
332c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Duration of time, in seconds for which to cache realpath information for a given
333c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; file or directory. For systems with rarely changing files, consider increasing this
334c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; value.
335c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/realpath-cache-ttl
336c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;realpath_cache_ttl = 120
337c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
3386b7d4bd3SHannes Magnusson; Enables or disables the circular reference collector.
3396b7d4bd3SHannes Magnusson; http://php.net/zend.enable-gc
3406b7d4bd3SHannes Magnussonzend.enable_gc = On
3416b7d4bd3SHannes Magnusson
342b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; If enabled, scripts may be written in encodings that are incompatible with
343b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; the scanner.  CP936, Big5, CP949 and Shift_JIS are the examples of such
344b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; encodings.  To use this feature, mbstring extension must be enabled.
345b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; Default: Off
346b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi;zend.multibyte = Off
347b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi
348b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; Allows to set the default encoding for the scripts.  This value will be used
349b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; unless "declare(encoding=...)" directive appears at the top of the script.
350b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; Only affects if zend.multibyte is set.
351b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi; Default: ""
352b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi;zend.script_encoding =
353b0f8ac52SMoriyoshi Koizumi
354c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
355c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Miscellaneous ;
356c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
357c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
358c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Decides whether PHP may expose the fact that it is installed on the server
359c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; (e.g. by adding its signature to the Web server header).  It is no security
360c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; threat in any way, but it makes it possible to determine whether you use PHP
361c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; on your server or not.
362c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/expose-php
363c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterexpose_php = On
364c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
365c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
366c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Resource Limits ;
367c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
368c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
369c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds
370c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/max-execution-time
371d038c5f0SHannes Magnusson; Note: This directive is hardcoded to 0 for the CLI SAPI
37284dcca9fSLukas Smithmax_execution_time = 30
373c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
374c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum amount of time each script may spend parsing request data. It's a good
375c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; idea to limit this time on productions servers in order to eliminate unexpectedly
37684dcca9fSLukas Smith; long running scripts.
377d038c5f0SHannes Magnusson; Note: This directive is hardcoded to -1 for the CLI SAPI
378c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: -1 (Unlimited)
379c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: 60 (60 seconds)
380c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: 60 (60 seconds)
381c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/max-input-time
382c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermax_input_time = 60
383c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
384c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum input variable nesting level
385c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/max-input-nesting-level
386c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;max_input_nesting_level = 64
387c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
388a099e0d2SDmitry Stogov; How many GET/POST/COOKIE input variables may be accepted
389a099e0d2SDmitry Stogov; max_input_vars = 1000
390a099e0d2SDmitry Stogov
391c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (128MB)
392c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/memory-limit
393c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermemory_limit = 128M
394c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
395c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
396c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Error handling and logging ;
397c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
398c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
399c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive informs PHP of which errors, warnings and notices you would like
400c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; it to take action for. The recommended way of setting values for this
401c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; directive is through the use of the error level constants and bitwise
402c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; operators. The error level constants are below here for convenience as well as
403c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; some common settings and their meanings.
404c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; By default, PHP is set to take action on all errors, notices and warnings EXCEPT
405c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; those related to E_NOTICE and E_STRICT, which together cover best practices and
406c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; recommended coding standards in PHP. For performance reasons, this is the
407c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; recommend error reporting setting. Your production server shouldn't be wasting
408c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; resources complaining about best practices and coding standards. That's what
409c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; development servers and development settings are for.
4107bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev; Note: The php.ini-development file has this setting as E_ALL. This
411c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; means it pretty much reports everything which is exactly what you want during
412c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; development and early testing.
413c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
414c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Error Level Constants:
41532c6c165SChristopher Jones; E_ALL             - All errors and warnings (includes E_STRICT as of PHP 5.4.0)
416c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_ERROR           - fatal run-time errors
417c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR  - almost fatal run-time errors
418c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_WARNING         - run-time warnings (non-fatal errors)
419c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_PARSE           - compile-time parse errors
420c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_NOTICE          - run-time notices (these are warnings which often result
421c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     from a bug in your code, but it's possible that it was
422c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     intentional (e.g., using an uninitialized variable and
423c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     relying on the fact it's automatically initialized to an
424c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     empty string)
425c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_STRICT          - run-time notices, enable to have PHP suggest changes
426c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     to your code which will ensure the best interoperability
427c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     and forward compatibility of your code
428c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_CORE_ERROR      - fatal errors that occur during PHP's initial startup
429c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_CORE_WARNING    - warnings (non-fatal errors) that occur during PHP's
430c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     initial startup
431c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_COMPILE_ERROR   - fatal compile-time errors
432c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_COMPILE_WARNING - compile-time warnings (non-fatal errors)
433c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_USER_ERROR      - user-generated error message
434c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_USER_WARNING    - user-generated warning message
435c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_USER_NOTICE     - user-generated notice message
436c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_DEPRECATED      - warn about code that will not work in future versions
437c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;                     of PHP
438c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; E_USER_DEPRECATED - user-generated deprecation warnings
439c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
440c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Common Values:
4417bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev;   E_ALL (Show all errors, warnings and notices including coding standards.)
4427bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev;   E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE  (Show all errors, except for notices)
4437bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev;   E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT  (Show all errors, except for notices and coding standards warnings.)
444c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   E_COMPILE_ERROR|E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR|E_ERROR|E_CORE_ERROR  (Show only errors)
4457bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev; Default Value: E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED
4467bb8f9eeSStanislav Malyshev; Development Value: E_ALL
4473f43c3efSStanislav Malyshev; Production Value: E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT
448c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/error-reporting
4497bb8f9eeSStanislav Malysheverror_reporting = E_ALL
450c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
451c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive controls whether or not and where PHP will output errors,
452c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; notices and warnings too. Error output is very useful during development, but
453c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; it could be very dangerous in production environments. Depending on the code
454c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; which is triggering the error, sensitive information could potentially leak
455c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; out of your application such as database usernames and passwords or worse.
456c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; It's recommended that errors be logged on production servers rather than
457c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; having the errors sent to STDOUT.
458c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Possible Values:
45984dcca9fSLukas Smith;   Off = Do not display any errors
46084dcca9fSLukas Smith;   stderr = Display errors to STDERR (affects only CGI/CLI binaries!)
461c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   On or stdout = Display errors to STDOUT
462c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: On
463c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: On
464c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: Off
465c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/display-errors
466c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdisplay_errors = On
467c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
468c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The display of errors which occur during PHP's startup sequence are handled
469c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; separately from display_errors. PHP's default behavior is to suppress those
470c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; errors from clients. Turning the display of startup errors on can be useful in
471c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; debugging configuration problems. But, it's strongly recommended that you
472c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; leave this setting off on production servers.
473c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: Off
474c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: On
475c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: Off
476c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/display-startup-errors
477c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdisplay_startup_errors = On
478c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
479c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Besides displaying errors, PHP can also log errors to locations such as a
480c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; server-specific log, STDERR, or a location specified by the error_log
481c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; directive found below. While errors should not be displayed on productions
482c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; servers they should still be monitored and logging is a great way to do that.
483c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: Off
484c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: On
485c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: On
486c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/log-errors
487c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterlog_errors = On
488c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
489c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Set maximum length of log_errors. In error_log information about the source is
490c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; added. The default is 1024 and 0 allows to not apply any maximum length at all.
491c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/log-errors-max-len
492c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterlog_errors_max_len = 1024
493c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
494c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Do not log repeated messages. Repeated errors must occur in same file on same
495c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; line unless ignore_repeated_source is set true.
496c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/ignore-repeated-errors
497c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterignore_repeated_errors = Off
498c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
499c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Ignore source of message when ignoring repeated messages. When this setting
500c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; is On you will not log errors with repeated messages from different files or
501c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; source lines.
502c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/ignore-repeated-source
503c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterignore_repeated_source = Off
504c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
505c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; If this parameter is set to Off, then memory leaks will not be shown (on
506c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; stdout or in the log). This has only effect in a debug compile, and if
507c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; error reporting includes E_WARNING in the allowed list
508c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/report-memleaks
509c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterreport_memleaks = On
510c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
511c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This setting is on by default.
512c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;report_zend_debug = 0
513c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
514c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Store the last error/warning message in $php_errormsg (boolean). Setting this value
515c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; to On can assist in debugging and is appropriate for development servers. It should
516c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; however be disabled on production servers.
517c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: Off
518c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: On
519c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: Off
520c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/track-errors
521c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütertrack_errors = On
522c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
523c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Turn off normal error reporting and emit XML-RPC error XML
524c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/xmlrpc-errors
525c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;xmlrpc_errors = 0
526c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
527c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; An XML-RPC faultCode
528c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;xmlrpc_error_number = 0
529c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
530840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; When PHP displays or logs an error, it has the capability of formatting the
531840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; error message as HTML for easier reading. This directive controls whether
532840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; the error message is formatted as HTML or not.
533d038c5f0SHannes Magnusson; Note: This directive is hardcoded to Off for the CLI SAPI
534c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: On
535c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: On
536840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; Production value: On
537c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/html-errors
538c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterhtml_errors = On
539c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
540840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; If html_errors is set to On *and* docref_root is not empty, then PHP
541840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; produces clickable error messages that direct to a page describing the error
542840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; or function causing the error in detail.
543c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; You can download a copy of the PHP manual from http://php.net/docs
544c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; and change docref_root to the base URL of your local copy including the
545c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; leading '/'. You must also specify the file extension being used including
546840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; the dot. PHP's default behavior is to leave these settings empty, in which
547840ef1e3SDerick Rethans; case no links to documentation are generated.
548c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note: Never use this feature for production boxes.
549c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/docref-root
550c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Examples
551c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;docref_root = "/phpmanual/"
552c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
553c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/docref-ext
554c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;docref_ext = .html
555c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
556c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; String to output before an error message. PHP's default behavior is to leave
557c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; this setting blank.
558c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/error-prepend-string
559c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Example:
560abf0ea01SAdam Harvey;error_prepend_string = "<span style='color: #ff0000'>"
561c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
562c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; String to output after an error message. PHP's default behavior is to leave
563c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; this setting blank.
564c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/error-append-string
565c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Example:
566abf0ea01SAdam Harvey;error_append_string = "</span>"
567c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
568c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Log errors to specified file. PHP's default behavior is to leave this value
569c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; empty.
570c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/error-log
571c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Example:
572c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;error_log = php_errors.log
57395c57bb6SAnatol Belski; Log errors to syslog (Event Log on Windows).
574c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;error_log = syslog
575c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
576d9e955c6SChristopher Jones;windows.show_crt_warning
577d9e955c6SChristopher Jones; Default value: 0
578d9e955c6SChristopher Jones; Development value: 0
579d9e955c6SChristopher Jones; Production value: 0
580d9e955c6SChristopher Jones
581c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
582c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Data Handling ;
583c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
584c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
585c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The separator used in PHP generated URLs to separate arguments.
586c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP's default setting is "&".
587c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/arg-separator.output
588c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Example:
589c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;arg_separator.output = "&amp;"
590c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
591c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; List of separator(s) used by PHP to parse input URLs into variables.
592c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP's default setting is "&".
593c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; NOTE: Every character in this directive is considered as separator!
594c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/arg-separator.input
595c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Example:
596c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;arg_separator.input = ";&"
597c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
598c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive determines which super global arrays are registered when PHP
5999ef050caSPatrick Allaert; starts up. G,P,C,E & S are abbreviations for the following respective super
6009ef050caSPatrick Allaert; globals: GET, POST, COOKIE, ENV and SERVER. There is a performance penalty
6018f545a74SPeter Cowburn; paid for the registration of these arrays and because ENV is not as commonly
60213683644SPierrick Charron; used as the others, ENV is not recommended on productions servers. You
6039ef050caSPatrick Allaert; can still get access to the environment variables through getenv() should you
604febee112SKalle Sommer Nielsen; need to.
605c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: "EGPCS"
606c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: "GPCS"
607c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: "GPCS";
608c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/variables-order
609c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütervariables_order = "GPCS"
610c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
611c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive determines which super global data (G,P,C,E & S) should
612c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; be registered into the super global array REQUEST. If so, it also determines
613c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; the order in which that data is registered. The values for this directive are
614c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; specified in the same manner as the variables_order directive, EXCEPT one.
61584dcca9fSLukas Smith; Leaving this value empty will cause PHP to use the value set in the
616c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; variables_order directive. It does not mean it will leave the super globals
617c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; array REQUEST empty.
618c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: None
619c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: "GP"
620c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: "GP"
621c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/request-order
622c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterrequest_order = "GP"
623c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
624c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; This directive determines whether PHP registers $argv & $argc each time it
625c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; runs. $argv contains an array of all the arguments passed to PHP when a script
626c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; is invoked. $argc contains an integer representing the number of arguments
627c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; that were passed when the script was invoked. These arrays are extremely
628c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; useful when running scripts from the command line. When this directive is
629c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; enabled, registering these variables consumes CPU cycles and memory each time
630c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; a script is executed. For performance reasons, this feature should be disabled
631c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; on production servers.
632d038c5f0SHannes Magnusson; Note: This directive is hardcoded to On for the CLI SAPI
633c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default Value: On
634c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Development Value: Off
635c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Production Value: Off
636c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/register-argc-argv
637c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterregister_argc_argv = Off
638c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
639ab80d4e4SJani Taskinen; When enabled, the ENV, REQUEST and SERVER variables are created when they're
640ab80d4e4SJani Taskinen; first used (Just In Time) instead of when the script starts. If these
641ab80d4e4SJani Taskinen; variables are not used within a script, having this directive on will result
642ab80d4e4SJani Taskinen; in a performance gain. The PHP directive register_argc_argv must be disabled
643febee112SKalle Sommer Nielsen; for this directive to have any affect.
644c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/auto-globals-jit
645c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterauto_globals_jit = On
646c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
647c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; Whether PHP will read the POST data.
648c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; This option is enabled by default.
649c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; Most likely, you won't want to disable this option globally. It causes $_POST
650c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; and $_FILES to always be empty; the only way you will be able to read the
651c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; POST data will be through the php://input stream wrapper. This can be useful
652c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; to proxy requests or to process the POST data in a memory efficient fashion.
653c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; http://php.net/enable-post-data-reading
654c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes;enable_post_data_reading = Off
655c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes
656c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept.
657c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; Its value may be 0 to disable the limit. It is ignored if POST data reading
658c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; is disabled through enable_post_data_reading.
659c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/post-max-size
660c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterpost_max_size = 8M
661c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
662c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Automatically add files before PHP document.
663c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/auto-prepend-file
664c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterauto_prepend_file =
665c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
666c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Automatically add files after PHP document.
667c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/auto-append-file
668c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterauto_append_file =
669c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
6703ca8e5abSHannes Magnusson; By default, PHP will output a character encoding using
671c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; the Content-type: header.  To disable sending of the charset, simply
672c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; set it to be empty.
673c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
674c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP's built-in default is text/html
675c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/default-mimetype
676c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdefault_mimetype = "text/html"
677c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
678c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP's default character set is set to empty.
679c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/default-charset
680906dd4eaSRasmus Lerdorf;default_charset = "UTF-8"
681c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
682c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Always populate the $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA variable. PHP's default behavior is
683c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; to disable this feature. If post reading is disabled through
684c8622a07SGustavo André dos Santos Lopes; enable_post_data_reading, $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA is *NOT* populated.
685c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/always-populate-raw-post-data
686c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;always_populate_raw_post_data = On
687c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
688c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
689c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Paths and Directories ;
690c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
691c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
692c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; UNIX: "/path1:/path2"
693c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;include_path = ".:/php/includes"
694c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
695c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Windows: "\path1;\path2"
696c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;include_path = ".;c:\php\includes"
697c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
698c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; PHP's default setting for include_path is ".;/path/to/php/pear"
699c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/include-path
700c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
701c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The root of the PHP pages, used only if nonempty.
702c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; if PHP was not compiled with FORCE_REDIRECT, you SHOULD set doc_root
703c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; if you are running php as a CGI under any web server (other than IIS)
704c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; see documentation for security issues.  The alternate is to use the
705c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; cgi.force_redirect configuration below
706c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/doc-root
707c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdoc_root =
708c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
709c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; The directory under which PHP opens the script using /~username used only
710c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; if nonempty.
711c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/user-dir
712c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüteruser_dir =
713c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
714c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
715c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/extension-dir
716c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; extension_dir = "./"
7178991998dSPierre Joye; On windows:
7188991998dSPierre Joye; extension_dir = "ext"
719c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
720475a644bSALeX Kazik; Directory where the temporary files should be placed.
721475a644bSALeX Kazik; Defaults to the system default (see sys_get_temp_dir)
722475a644bSALeX Kazik; sys_temp_dir = "/tmp"
723475a644bSALeX Kazik
724c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Whether or not to enable the dl() function.  The dl() function does NOT work
725c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; properly in multithreaded servers, such as IIS or Zeus, and is automatically
726c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; disabled on them.
727c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/enable-dl
728c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterenable_dl = Off
729c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
730c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; cgi.force_redirect is necessary to provide security running PHP as a CGI under
731c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; most web servers.  Left undefined, PHP turns this on by default.  You can
732c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; turn it off here AT YOUR OWN RISK
733c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; **You CAN safely turn this off for IIS, in fact, you MUST.**
734c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/cgi.force-redirect
735c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;cgi.force_redirect = 1
736c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
737c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; if cgi.nph is enabled it will force cgi to always sent Status: 200 with
738c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; every request. PHP's default behavior is to disable this feature.
739c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;cgi.nph = 1
740c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
741c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; if cgi.force_redirect is turned on, and you are not running under Apache or Netscape
742c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; (iPlanet) web servers, you MAY need to set an environment variable name that PHP
743c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; will look for to know it is OK to continue execution.  Setting this variable MAY
744c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; cause security issues, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING FIRST.
745c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/cgi.redirect-status-env
746c3547f19SXinchen Hui;cgi.redirect_status_env =
747c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
748c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; cgi.fix_pathinfo provides *real* PATH_INFO/PATH_TRANSLATED support for CGI.  PHP's
749c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; previous behaviour was to set PATH_TRANSLATED to SCRIPT_FILENAME, and to not grok
750c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; what PATH_INFO is.  For more information on PATH_INFO, see the cgi specs.  Setting
751c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; this to 1 will cause PHP CGI to fix its paths to conform to the spec.  A setting
752c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; of zero causes PHP to behave as before.  Default is 1.  You should fix your scripts
753c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; to use SCRIPT_FILENAME rather than PATH_TRANSLATED.
754c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/cgi.fix-pathinfo
755c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;cgi.fix_pathinfo=1
756c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
757c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; FastCGI under IIS (on WINNT based OS) supports the ability to impersonate
758c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; security tokens of the calling client.  This allows IIS to define the
759c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; security context that the request runs under.  mod_fastcgi under Apache
760c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; does not currently support this feature (03/17/2002)
761c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Set to 1 if running under IIS.  Default is zero.
762c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/fastcgi.impersonate
763c3547f19SXinchen Hui;fastcgi.impersonate = 1
764c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
765c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Disable logging through FastCGI connection. PHP's default behavior is to enable
766c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; this feature.
767c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;fastcgi.logging = 0
768c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
769c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; cgi.rfc2616_headers configuration option tells PHP what type of headers to
770c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; use when sending HTTP response code. If it's set 0 PHP sends Status: header that
771c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; is supported by Apache. When this option is set to 1 PHP will send
772c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; RFC2616 compliant header.
773c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default is zero.
774c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/cgi.rfc2616-headers
775c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;cgi.rfc2616_headers = 0
776c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
777c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
778c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; File Uploads ;
779c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
780c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
781c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Whether to allow HTTP file uploads.
782c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/file-uploads
783c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterfile_uploads = On
784c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
785c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Temporary directory for HTTP uploaded files (will use system default if not
786c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; specified).
787c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/upload-tmp-dir
788c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;upload_tmp_dir =
789c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
790c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
791c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/upload-max-filesize
792c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterupload_max_filesize = 2M
793c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
794e2211ceeSIlia Alshanetsky; Maximum number of files that can be uploaded via a single request
7959d095a60SIlia Alshanetskymax_file_uploads = 20
796e2211ceeSIlia Alshanetsky
797c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
798c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Fopen wrappers ;
799c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
800c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
801c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Whether to allow the treatment of URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.
802c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/allow-url-fopen
803c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterallow_url_fopen = On
804c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
805c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Whether to allow include/require to open URLs (like http:// or ftp://) as files.
806c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/allow-url-include
807c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterallow_url_include = Off
808c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
809c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Define the anonymous ftp password (your email address). PHP's default setting
810c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; for this is empty.
811c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/from
812c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;from="john@doe.com"
813c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
814c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Define the User-Agent string. PHP's default setting for this is empty.
815c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/user-agent
816c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;user_agent="PHP"
817c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
818c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default timeout for socket based streams (seconds)
819c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/default-socket-timeout
820c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterdefault_socket_timeout = 60
821c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
822c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; If your scripts have to deal with files from Macintosh systems,
823c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; or you are running on a Mac and need to deal with files from
824c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; unix or win32 systems, setting this flag will cause PHP to
825c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; automatically detect the EOL character in those files so that
826c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; fgets() and file() will work regardless of the source of the file.
827c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/auto-detect-line-endings
828c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;auto_detect_line_endings = Off
829c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
830c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
831c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Dynamic Extensions ;
832c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
833c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
834c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; If you wish to have an extension loaded automatically, use the following
835c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; syntax:
836c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
837c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   extension=modulename.extension
838c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
839c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; For example, on Windows:
840c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
841c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   extension=msql.dll
842c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
843c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; ... or under UNIX:
844c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
845c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   extension=msql.so
846c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
847c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; ... or with a path:
848c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
849c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;   extension=/path/to/extension/msql.so
850c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
851e0669bf1SEric Stewart; If you only provide the name of the extension, PHP will look for it in its
852c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; default extension directory.
853c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;
854c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Windows Extensions
855c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note that ODBC support is built in, so no dll is needed for it.
856c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note that many DLL files are located in the extensions/ (PHP 4) ext/ (PHP 5)
857c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; extension folders as well as the separate PECL DLL download (PHP 5).
858c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Be sure to appropriately set the extension_dir directive.
85984dcca9fSLukas Smith;
860c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_bz2.dll
861c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_curl.dll
862c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_fileinfo.dll
863c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_gd2.dll
864c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_gettext.dll
865c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_gmp.dll
866c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_intl.dll
867c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_imap.dll
868c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_interbase.dll
869c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_ldap.dll
870c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_mbstring.dll
8710ff6f904SKalle Sommer Nielsen;extension=php_exif.dll      ; Must be after mbstring as it depends on it
872c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_mysql.dll
873c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_mysqli.dll
874c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_oci8.dll      ; Use with Oracle 10gR2 Instant Client
875d9e955c6SChristopher Jones;extension=php_oci8_11g.dll  ; Use with Oracle 11gR2 Instant Client
876c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_openssl.dll
877c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pdo_firebird.dll
878c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pdo_mysql.dll
879c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pdo_oci.dll
880c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pdo_odbc.dll
881c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pdo_pgsql.dll
882c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pdo_sqlite.dll
883c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pgsql.dll
884c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_pspell.dll
885c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_shmop.dll
886269a6b09SPierre Joye
887269a6b09SPierre Joye; The MIBS data available in the PHP distribution must be installed.
888269a6b09SPierre Joye; See http://www.php.net/manual/en/snmp.installation.php
889c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_snmp.dll
890269a6b09SPierre Joye
891c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_soap.dll
892c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_sockets.dll
893c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_sqlite3.dll
894c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_sybase_ct.dll
895c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_tidy.dll
896c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_xmlrpc.dll
897c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;extension=php_xsl.dll
898c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
899c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
900c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Module Settings ;
901c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
902c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
90388e36378SArpad Ray[CLI Server]
90488e36378SArpad Ray; Whether the CLI web server uses ANSI color coding in its terminal output.
90588e36378SArpad Raycli_server.color = On
90688e36378SArpad Ray
907c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[Date]
908c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
909c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/date.timezone
910c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;date.timezone =
911c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
912c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/date.default-latitude
913c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;date.default_latitude = 31.7667
914c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
915c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/date.default-longitude
916c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;date.default_longitude = 35.2333
917c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
918c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/date.sunrise-zenith
919c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;date.sunrise_zenith = 90.583333
920c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
921c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/date.sunset-zenith
922c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;date.sunset_zenith = 90.583333
923c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
924c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[filter]
925c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/filter.default
926c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;filter.default = unsafe_raw
927c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
928c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/filter.default-flags
929c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;filter.default_flags =
930c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
931c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[iconv]
932c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;iconv.input_encoding = ISO-8859-1
933c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;iconv.internal_encoding = ISO-8859-1
934c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;iconv.output_encoding = ISO-8859-1
935c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
936c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[intl]
93784dcca9fSLukas Smith;intl.default_locale =
938c7eb83deSStanislav Malyshev; This directive allows you to produce PHP errors when some error
939c7eb83deSStanislav Malyshev; happens within intl functions. The value is the level of the error produced.
940c7eb83deSStanislav Malyshev; Default is 0, which does not produce any errors.
941c7eb83deSStanislav Malyshev;intl.error_level = E_WARNING
942c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
943c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[sqlite]
944c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/sqlite.assoc-case
945c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;sqlite.assoc_case = 0
946c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
947c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[sqlite3]
948c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;sqlite3.extension_dir =
949c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
950c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[Pcre]
951c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;PCRE library backtracking limit.
952c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/pcre.backtrack-limit
953c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;pcre.backtrack_limit=100000
954c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
95584dcca9fSLukas Smith;PCRE library recursion limit.
95684dcca9fSLukas Smith;Please note that if you set this value to a high number you may consume all
95784dcca9fSLukas Smith;the available process stack and eventually crash PHP (due to reaching the
958c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;stack size limit imposed by the Operating System).
959c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/pcre.recursion-limit
960c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;pcre.recursion_limit=100000
961c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
962c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[Pdo]
963c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Whether to pool ODBC connections. Can be one of "strict", "relaxed" or "off"
964c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/pdo-odbc.connection-pooling
965c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;pdo_odbc.connection_pooling=strict
966c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
967ccb33c06SJohannes Schlüter;pdo_odbc.db2_instance_name
968ccb33c06SJohannes Schlüter
969c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter[Pdo_mysql]
970c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; If mysqlnd is used: Number of cache slots for the internal result set cache
971c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; http://php.net/pdo_mysql.cache_size
972c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüterpdo_mysql.cache_size = 2000
973c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter
974c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; Default socket name for local MySQL connects.  If empty, uses the built-in
975c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; MySQL defaults.
976c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; http://php.net/pdo_mysql.default-socket
977c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüterpdo_mysql.default_socket=
978c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter
979c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[Phar]
980c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/phar.readonly
981c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;phar.readonly = On
982c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
983c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/phar.require-hash
984c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;phar.require_hash = On
985c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
986c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;phar.cache_list =
987c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
988c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[mail function]
989c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; For Win32 only.
990c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/smtp
991c3fcaf1dSJohannes SchlüterSMTP = localhost
992c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/smtp-port
993c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütersmtp_port = 25
994c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
995c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; For Win32 only.
996c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/sendmail-from
997c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;sendmail_from = me@example.com
998c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
999c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; For Unix only.  You may supply arguments as well (default: "sendmail -t -i").
1000c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/sendmail-path
1001c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;sendmail_path =
1002c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1003c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Force the addition of the specified parameters to be passed as extra parameters
1004c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; to the sendmail binary. These parameters will always replace the value of
1005*6d148f7eSSobak; the 5th parameter to mail().
1006c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;mail.force_extra_parameters =
1007c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
10089d2c39acSPhilip Olson; Add X-PHP-Originating-Script: that will include uid of the script followed by the filename
1009c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermail.add_x_header = On
1010c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
101107ea326cSAdam Harvey; The path to a log file that will log all mail() calls. Log entries include
101207ea326cSAdam Harvey; the full path of the script, line number, To address and headers.
1013e0669bf1SEric Stewart;mail.log =
101495c57bb6SAnatol Belski; Log mail to syslog (Event Log on Windows).
1015ddc8d162SFlorian Anderiasch;mail.log = syslog
1016c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1017c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[SQL]
1018c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/sql.safe-mode
1019c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütersql.safe_mode = Off
1020c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1021c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[ODBC]
1022c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.default-db
1023c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;odbc.default_db    =  Not yet implemented
1024c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1025c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.default-user
1026c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;odbc.default_user  =  Not yet implemented
1027c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1028c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.default-pw
1029c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;odbc.default_pw    =  Not yet implemented
1030c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
103184dcca9fSLukas Smith; Controls the ODBC cursor model.
1032ccb33c06SJohannes Schlüter; Default: SQL_CURSOR_STATIC (default).
1033ccb33c06SJohannes Schlüter;odbc.default_cursortype
1034ccb33c06SJohannes Schlüter
1035c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Allow or prevent persistent links.
1036c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.allow-persistent
1037c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterodbc.allow_persistent = On
1038c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1039c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Check that a connection is still valid before reuse.
1040c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.check-persistent
1041c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterodbc.check_persistent = On
1042c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1043c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of persistent links.  -1 means no limit.
1044c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.max-persistent
1045c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterodbc.max_persistent = -1
1046c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1047c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of links (persistent + non-persistent).  -1 means no limit.
1048c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.max-links
1049c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterodbc.max_links = -1
1050c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1051c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Handling of LONG fields.  Returns number of bytes to variables.  0 means
1052c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; passthru.
1053c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.defaultlrl
1054c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterodbc.defaultlrl = 4096
1055c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1056c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Handling of binary data.  0 means passthru, 1 return as is, 2 convert to char.
1057c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; See the documentation on odbc_binmode and odbc_longreadlen for an explanation
1058c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; of odbc.defaultlrl and odbc.defaultbinmode
1059c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/odbc.defaultbinmode
1060c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüterodbc.defaultbinmode = 1
1061c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1062c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter;birdstep.max_links = -1
1063c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
10646d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter[Interbase]
10656d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Allow or prevent persistent links.
10666d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüteribase.allow_persistent = 1
10676d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10686d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of persistent links.  -1 means no limit.
10696d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüteribase.max_persistent = -1
10706d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10716d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of links (persistent + non-persistent).  -1 means no limit.
10726d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüteribase.max_links = -1
10736d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10746d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default database name for ibase_connect().
10756d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter;ibase.default_db =
10766d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10776d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default username for ibase_connect().
10786d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter;ibase.default_user =
10796d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10806d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default password for ibase_connect().
10816d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter;ibase.default_password =
10826d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10836d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default charset for ibase_connect().
10846d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter;ibase.default_charset =
10856d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10866d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default timestamp format.
10876d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüteribase.timestampformat = "%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S"
10886d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10896d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default date format.
10906d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüteribase.dateformat = "%Y-%m-%d"
10916d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
10926d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter; Default time format.
10936d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüteribase.timeformat = "%H:%M:%S"
10946d68dbc3SJohannes Schlüter
1095c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[MySQL]
1096c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; Allow accessing, from PHP's perspective, local files with LOAD DATA statements
1097c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; http://php.net/mysql.allow_local_infile
1098c9fa8953SJohannes Schlütermysql.allow_local_infile = On
1099c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter
1100c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Allow or prevent persistent links.
1101c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.allow-persistent
1102c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.allow_persistent = On
1103c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1104c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; If mysqlnd is used: Number of cache slots for the internal result set cache
1105c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; http://php.net/mysql.cache_size
1106c9fa8953SJohannes Schlütermysql.cache_size = 2000
1107c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter
1108c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of persistent links.  -1 means no limit.
1109c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.max-persistent
1110c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.max_persistent = -1
1111c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1112c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of links (persistent + non-persistent).  -1 means no limit.
1113c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.max-links
1114c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.max_links = -1
1115c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1116c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default port number for mysql_connect().  If unset, mysql_connect() will use
1117c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; the $MYSQL_TCP_PORT or the mysql-tcp entry in /etc/services or the
1118c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; compile-time value defined MYSQL_PORT (in that order).  Win32 will only look
1119c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; at MYSQL_PORT.
1120c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.default-port
1121c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.default_port =
1122c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1123c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default socket name for local MySQL connects.  If empty, uses the built-in
1124c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; MySQL defaults.
1125c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.default-socket
1126c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.default_socket =
1127c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1128c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default host for mysql_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode).
1129c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.default-host
1130c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.default_host =
1131c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1132c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default user for mysql_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode).
1133c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.default-user
1134c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.default_user =
1135c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1136c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Default password for mysql_connect() (doesn't apply in safe mode).
1137c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Note that this is generally a *bad* idea to store passwords in this file.
1138c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; *Any* user with PHP access can run 'echo get_cfg_var("mysql.default_password")
1139c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; and reveal this password!  And of course, any users with read access to this
1140c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; file will be able to reveal the password as well.
1141c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.default-password
1142c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.default_password =
1143c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1144c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum time (in seconds) for connect timeout. -1 means no limit
1145c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.connect-timeout
1146c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.connect_timeout = 60
1147c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1148c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Trace mode. When trace_mode is active (=On), warnings for table/index scans and
1149c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; SQL-Errors will be displayed.
1150c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysql.trace-mode
1151c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysql.trace_mode = Off
1152c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1153c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter[MySQLi]
1154c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter
1155c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of persistent links.  -1 means no limit.
1156c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter; http://php.net/mysqli.max-persistent
1157c9fa8953SJohannes Schlütermysqli.max_persistent = -1
1158c9fa8953SJohannes Schlüter
11599ef050caSPatrick Allaert; Allow accessing, from PHP's perspective, local files with LOAD DATA statements
11609ef050caSPatrick Allaert; http://php.net/mysqli.allow_local_infile
11619ef050caSPatrick Allaert;mysqli.allow_local_infile = On
11629ef050caSPatrick Allaert
11639ef050caSPatrick Allaert; Allow or prevent persistent links.
11649ef050caSPatrick Allaert; http://php.net/mysqli.allow-persistent
11659ef050caSPatrick Allaertmysqli.allow_persistent = On
11669ef050caSPatrick Allaert
1167c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter; Maximum number of links.  -1 means no limit.
1168c1ccccc6SPhilip Olson; http://php.net/mysqli.max-links
1169c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlütermysqli.max_links = -1
1170c3fcaf1dSJohannes Schlüter