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1*1c94aac8SPeter Kokot# Mailinglist rules
28128032bSLukas Smith
38128032bSLukas SmithThis is the first file you should be reading before doing any posts on PHP
425ac2b3cSLukas Smithmailinglists. Following these rules is considered imperative to the success of
525ac2b3cSLukas Smiththe PHP project. Therefore expect your contributions to be of much less positive
625ac2b3cSLukas Smithimpact if you do not follow these rules. More importantly you can actually
725ac2b3cSLukas Smithassume that not following these rules will hurt the PHP project.
88128032bSLukas Smith
98128032bSLukas SmithPHP is developed through the efforts of a large number of people.
108128032bSLukas SmithCollaboration is a Good Thing(tm), and mailinglists lets us do this. Thus,
118128032bSLukas Smithfollowing some basic rules with regards to mailinglist usage will:
128128032bSLukas Smith
138128032bSLukas Smith   a. Make everybody happier, especially those responsible for developing PHP
148128032bSLukas Smith      itself.
158128032bSLukas Smith
168128032bSLukas Smith   b. Help in making sure we all use our time more efficiently.
178128032bSLukas Smith
188128032bSLukas Smith   c. Prevent you from making a fool of yourself in public.
198128032bSLukas Smith
208128032bSLukas Smith   d. Increase the general level of good will on planet Earth.
218128032bSLukas Smith
228128032bSLukas SmithHaving said that, here are the organizational rules:
238128032bSLukas Smith
248128032bSLukas Smith   1. Respect other people working on the project.
258128032bSLukas Smith
268128032bSLukas Smith   2. Do not post when you are angry. Any post can wait a few hours. Review
278128032bSLukas Smith      your post after a good breather or a good nights sleep.
288128032bSLukas Smith
298128032bSLukas Smith   3. Make sure you pick the right mailinglist for your posting. Please review
30*1c94aac8SPeter Kokot      the descriptions on the
31*1c94aac8SPeter Kokot      [mailinglist overview page](https://www.php.net/mailing-lists.php). When
32*1c94aac8SPeter Kokot      in doubt ask a friend or someone you trust on IRC.
338128032bSLukas Smith
348128032bSLukas Smith   4. Make sure you know what you are talking about. PHP is a very large project
358128032bSLukas Smith      that strives to be very open. The flip side is that the core developers
368128032bSLukas Smith      are faced with a lot of requests. Make sure that you have done your
378128032bSLukas Smith      research before posting to the entire developer community.
388128032bSLukas Smith
398128032bSLukas Smith   5. Patches have a much greater chance of acceptance than just asking the
408128032bSLukas Smith      PHP developers to implement a feature for you. For one it makes the
418128032bSLukas Smith      discussion more concrete and it shows that the poster put thought and time
428128032bSLukas Smith      into the request.
438128032bSLukas Smith
448128032bSLukas Smith   6. If you are posting to an existing thread, make sure that you know what
458128032bSLukas Smith      previous posters have said. This is even more important the longer the
468128032bSLukas Smith      thread is already.
478128032bSLukas Smith
4808eca670SLukas Smith   7. Please configure your email client to use a real name and keep message
4908eca670SLukas Smith      signatures to a maximum of 2 lines if at all necessary.
508128032bSLukas Smith
518128032bSLukas SmithThe next few rules are more some general hints:
528128032bSLukas Smith
538128032bSLukas Smith   1. If you notice that your posting ratio is much higher than that of other
548128032bSLukas Smith      people, double check the above rules. Try to wait a bit longer before
558128032bSLukas Smith      sending your replies to give other people more time to digest your answers
568128032bSLukas Smith      and more importantly give you the opportunity to make sure that you
578128032bSLukas Smith      aggregate your current position into a single mail instead of multiple
588128032bSLukas Smith      ones.
598128032bSLukas Smith
608128032bSLukas Smith   2. Consider taking a step back from a very active thread now and then. Maybe
618128032bSLukas Smith      talking to some friends and fellow developers will help in understanding
628128032bSLukas Smith      the other opinions better.
638128032bSLukas Smith
648128032bSLukas Smith   3. Do not top post. Place your answer underneath anyone you wish to quote
658128032bSLukas Smith      and remove any previous comment that is not relevant to your post.
668128032bSLukas Smith
678128032bSLukas Smith   4. Do not high-jack threads, by bringing up entirely new topics. Please
688128032bSLukas Smith      create an entirely new thread copying anything you wish to quote into the
698128032bSLukas Smith      new thread.
708128032bSLukas Smith
71c3466bd2SLukas SmithFinally, additional hints on how to behave inside the virtual community can be
72*1c94aac8SPeter Kokotfound in [RFC 1855](http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1855.html).
73c3466bd2SLukas Smith
748128032bSLukas SmithHappy hacking,
758128032bSLukas Smith
768128032bSLukas SmithPHP Team