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package.xmlH A D05-Dec-20192.6 KiB7672

php_spl.cH A D05-Dec-201932.3 KiB1,013808

php_spl.hH A D05-Dec-20192.8 KiB10060

spl.phpH A D05-Dec-201932 KiB1,161259

spl_array.cH A D05-Dec-201966.5 KiB2,0161,553

spl_array.hH A D05-Dec-20191.7 KiB4712

spl_directory.cH A D05-Dec-2019100.4 KiB3,1162,261

spl_directory.hH A D05-Dec-20195.8 KiB150102

spl_dllist.cH A D05-Dec-201940.1 KiB1,4391,006

spl_dllist.hH A D05-Dec-20191.5 KiB439

spl_engine.cH A D05-Dec-20192.1 KiB7135

spl_engine.hH A D05-Dec-20193.1 KiB9746

spl_exceptions.cH A D05-Dec-20193.5 KiB8243

spl_exceptions.hH A D05-Dec-20192.2 KiB5419

spl_fixedarray.cH A D05-Dec-201934.3 KiB1,172859

spl_fixedarray.hH A D05-Dec-20191.5 KiB395

spl_functions.cH A D05-Dec-20194.8 KiB15484

spl_functions.hH A D05-Dec-20194.5 KiB9238

spl_heap.cH A D05-Dec-201935.5 KiB1,263869

spl_heap.hH A D05-Dec-20191.6 KiB4510

spl_iterators.cH A D05-Dec-2019125.1 KiB3,7832,904

spl_iterators.hH A D05-Dec-20195.6 KiB184136

spl_observer.cH A D05-Dec-201941.1 KiB1,336974

spl_observer.hH A D05-Dec-20191.6 KiB4410


1This is an extension that aims to implement some efficient data access
2interfaces and classes. You'll find the classes documented using php
3code in the file spl.php or in the corresponding .inc file in the examples
4subdirectory. Based on the internal implementations or the files in the
5examples subdirectory there are also some .php files to experiment with.
7For more information look at: