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H A Dob_get_length_basic_001.phpt10 echo "No output buffers\n";
25 echo "No output buffers\n";
29 No output buffers
36 No output buffers
H A Dflush_basic_001.phpt13 // Ensure user buffers are not flushed by flush()
19 echo "Outside of any user buffers\n";
25 Outside of any user buffers
H A Dob_implicit_flush_basic_002.phpt2 Test ob_implicit_flush() function : ensure implicit flushing does not apply to user buffers.
11 echo "*** Testing ob_implicit_flush() : ensure implicit flushing does not apply to user buffers. **…
20 echo "because implicit flushing affects only the top level buffer, not user buffers.\n";
28 *** Testing ob_implicit_flush() : ensure implicit flushing does not apply to user buffers. ***
H A Dbug60322.phpt2 Bug #60322 (ob_get_clean() now raises an E_NOTICE if no buffers exist)
H A Dbug60282.phpt2 Bug #60282 (Segfault when using ob_gzhandler() with open buffers)
H A Dob_start_error_005.phpt2 ob_start(): ensure buffers can't be added from within callback.
H A Dbug46897.phpt2 Bug #46897: ob_flush() should fail to flush unerasable buffers
H A DREADME.NEW-OUTPUT-API40 Flushing all output buffers:
48 Cleaning all output buffers:
56 Discarding all output buffers:
64 Stopping (and dropping) all output buffers:
68 Retrieving output buffers contents:
72 Retrieving output buffers length:
H A DNEWS3299 . Fixed bug #60282 (Segfault when using ob_gzhandler() with open buffers).
6183 - Fixed bug #46897 (ob_flush() should fail to flush unerasable buffers).
9702 - Fixed bug #30578 (Output buffers flushed before calling __destruct()
H A Dfinfo_buffer_basic.phpt20 $buffers = array(
33 foreach( $buffers as $string ) {
H A Dfinfo_buffer_variation1.phpt20 $buffers = array(
33 foreach( $buffers as $string ) {
H A Dbug30578.phpt2 Bug #30578 (Output buffers flushed before calling __desctruct functions)
H A Dbug_50755.phpt12 /* This should be sufficient to overflow any buffers */
H A Dphp_zip.h78 char **buffers; member
H A Dphp_zip.c1077 efree(intern->buffers[i]); in php_zip_object_free_storage()
1079 efree(intern->buffers); in php_zip_object_free_storage()
1114 intern->buffers = NULL; in php_zip_object_new()
1847 ze_obj->buffers = (char **)erealloc(ze_obj->buffers, sizeof(char *) * (ze_obj->buffers_cnt+1)); in ZIPARCHIVE_METHOD()
1850 ze_obj->buffers = (char **)emalloc(sizeof(char *)); in ZIPARCHIVE_METHOD()
1854 ze_obj->buffers[pos] = (char *)emalloc(buffer_len + 1); in ZIPARCHIVE_METHOD()
1855 memcpy(ze_obj->buffers[pos], buffer, buffer_len + 1); in ZIPARCHIVE_METHOD()
1857 zs = zip_source_buffer(intern, ze_obj->buffers[pos], buffer_len, 0); in ZIPARCHIVE_METHOD()
H A Dbug55509.phpt25 $freeMemory = $infos['memfree']+$infos['buffers']+$infos['cached'];
H A Dinterbase.c61 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, buffers)
71 ZEND_ARG_INFO(0, buffers)
H A DChangeLog3355 extending its buffers when necessary. It was getting this wrong when the
3647 been re-factored so that it automatically extends its buffers when
4632 4. Changed pcretest to use malloc() for its buffers so that they can be
H A Dpcre.txt9180 tions. Another possibility is to work with two buffers. If a partial

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