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H A Doutput.c803 …put_context_feed(php_output_context *context, char *data, size_t size, size_t used, zend_bool free) in php_output_context_feed()
H A Dphp_output.h95 uint32_t free:1; member
H A Dffi.c3743 ZEND_METHOD(FFI, free) /* {{{ */ in ZEND_METHOD() argument
H A Dpcre2_dfa_match.c327 uint32_t free; /* Number of ints */ member
H A Dpcre2_internal.h1767 void (*free)(void *, void *); member
H A Dmysqlnd_debug.c471 MYSQLND_METHOD(mysqlnd_debug, free)(MYSQLND_DEBUG * self) in MYSQLND_METHOD() argument
H A Dmysqlnd_result_meta.c96 MYSQLND_METHOD(mysqlnd_res_meta, free)(MYSQLND_RES_METADATA * meta) in MYSQLND_METHOD() argument
H A Dphp_zlib.h42 size_t free; member
H A Dphp_sysvshm.h61 zend_long free; member
H A Dmd5.c311 uint32_t used, free; in PHP_MD5Update() local
345 uint32_t used, free; in PHP_MD5Final() local
H A Dzend_gc.c933 gc_root_buffer *free = GC_IDX2PTR(GC_FIRST_ROOT); in gc_compact() local
H A Dbase64.h36 #define free(p) _free_real(p, __FILE__,__LINE__) macro
H A Dmbfl_allocators.h41 void (*free)(void *); member

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