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H A Dmysql_users.php19 function pg_list_dbs($db)
38 function pg_list_tables($db)
61 function pg_list_fields($db, $table)
H A Ddba_dump.php32 $db = new DbaReader($argv[1], $argv[2]); variable
35 $db = new KeyFilter($db, $argv[3]); variable
H A Dcheck_parameters.php138 function check_param($db, $idx, $exp, $optional)
H A Dphp_mysql.c1132 char *db; local
1385 char *db; local
1416 char *db; local
1445 …uery_general(char *query, int query_len, zval *mysql_link, int link_id, char *db, int use_store, z…
1578 char *db, *query; local
1637 char *db; local
1675 char *db, *table; local
H A Dibase_service.c425 char *db, *bk, buf[200]; in _php_ibase_backup_restore() local
489 char buf[128], *db; in _php_ibase_service_action() local
H A Dibase_query.c1103 isc_db_handle db = NULL; in PHP_FUNCTION() local
H A Ddba_db1.c48 DB *db; in DBA_OPEN_FUNC() local
H A Dmysqlnd_auth.c37 const char * const db, in mysqlnd_auth_handshake()
160 const char * const db, in mysqlnd_auth_change_user()
H A Dmysqlnd.h99 #define mysqlnd_change_user(conn, user, passwd, db, silent) ((conn)->data)->m->change_user((conn)-… argument
100 #define mysqlnd_change_user_ex(conn, user, passwd, db, silent, passwd_len) ((conn)->data)->m->chang… argument
205 #define mysqlnd_select_db(conn, db, db_len) ((conn)->data)->m->select_db((conn)->data, (db), (db_le… argument
H A Dmysqlnd.c531 const char * const db, in mysqlnd_run_authentication()
665 const char * const db, in mysqlnd_connect_run_authentication()
1125 const char * db, unsigned int db_len,
H A Dmysqlnd_wireprotocol.h99 const char *db; member
H A Dmysqlnd_structs.h79 const char *db; /* Database for table */ member
H A Dgd_crop.c348 const int db = gdImageBlue(im, col1) - gdImageBlue(im, col2); in gdColorMatch() local
H A Dgd.c1277 int dr,dg,db,p,r,g,b; in gdImageSetAAPixelColor() local
H A Dpear2coverage.phar.php489 * @var string $testpath Location of .phpt files
748 * @var string $testpath Location of .phpt files
924 namespace PEAR2\Pyrus\Developer\CoverageAnalyzer {
H A Dphp_pdo_sqlite_int.h58 sqlite3 *db; member
H A Dphp_pdo_firebird_int.h70 isc_db_handle db; member
H A Dphp_sqlite3_structs.h78 sqlite3 *db; member
H A Dsqlite3.c11135 #define SCHEMA_ENC(db) ((db)->aDb[0].pSchema->enc) argument
11136 #define ENC(db) ((db)->enc) argument
11200 #define OptimizationDisabled(db, mask) 0 argument
11201 #define OptimizationEnabled(db, mask) 1 argument
11672 sqlite3 *db; /* The database connection */ member
12500 sqlite3 *db; /* The main database structure */ member
12765 sqlite3 *db; /* The database being initialized */ member
13564 # define sqlite3VtabInSync(db) 0 argument
14682 sqlite3 *db; /* The associated database connection */ member
16221 sqlite3 *db; in strftimeFunc() local
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H A Dphp_odbc.c2407 int odbc_sqlconnect(odbc_connection **conn, char *db, char *uid, char *pwd, int cur_opt, int persis… in odbc_sqlconnect()
2541 char *db, *uid, *pwd; in odbc_do_connect() local
H A Dphp_sybase_ct.c1063 char *db, *cmdbuf; in PHP_FUNCTION() local
H A Dphp_mssql.c905 char *db; in PHP_FUNCTION() local
H A Dzend_strtod.c1222 volatile _double da, db; in ratio() local

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