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fc4cd59815-Mar-2021 Nikita Popov

Update ubuntu on i386 job

There is a failure with apt on PHP-7.4 that's not present on
PHP-8.0/master. Switching to a newer ubuntu version on PHP-7.4
avoids the issue.

217b9e7b28-Jan-2021 Nikita Popov

Fix Laravel build on community job

Now requires PHP 7.4, so use php7.4 to run composer everywhere.

8f8e6f9503-Dec-2020 Paul Crovella

Upload coverage data to codecov.io

Closes GH-6486.

f419e04909-Nov-2020 Nikita Popov

Add integration test for symfony preloading

To help catch regressions like the one that occurred in PHP 7.4.12.

Closes GH-6414.

82e5752b10-Oct-2020 Nikita Popov

Don't specify symfony branch

This was renamed from master to 5.x. Just use the default branch.

1d8ddf6c10-Sep-2020 Nikita Popov

Fix azure i386 build, again

5a201dda08-Sep-2020 Nikita Popov

Revert "Update libzip on macos"

This reverts commit 090bddb93488b6bcf411e970afe77d96f86f4ac8.

3a5b22e308-Sep-2020 Nikita Popov

Revert "Manually build re2c on macos"

This reverts commit 9bbe236f6adead060d83c87a581674f4917db3de.

4ebc04ca05-Sep-2020 Nikita Popov

Fix azure i386 build

Looks like pgsql on i386 broke even more.

8bda799d13-Aug-2020 Nikita Popov

Fixed bug #79724

9bbe236f04-Aug-2020 Nikita Popov

Manually build re2c on macos

Avoid issues with the licensing mafia, see:

Closes GH-5932.

bc6979b716-Jul-2020 Nikita Popov

Revert "Drop freetype from i386"

This reverts commit 8641d76f62273f3a73449fd720c93c63992f3b5a.

This appears to work again now...

376968c716-Jul-2020 Nikita Popov

Fix azure i386 build

Purge libsqlite3-0 to make sure we get the i386 library lateron.

b291c92603-Jul-2020 Paweł Tomulik

enable ext/ldap/tests on azure

090bddb918-Jun-2020 Nikita Popov

Update libzip on macos

We need libzip 1.7.1, because libzip 1.7.0 is broken.

Closes GH-5737.

8641d76f12-Jun-2020 Nikita Popov

Drop freetype from i386

For some reason this seems to pick up the amd64 library (though
we do install the i386 one).

e0d2070112-Jun-2020 Nikita Popov

Use shared setup.yml on azure

Make sure things stay synchronized between different x64 jobs.

1905cf0610-Jun-2020 Nikita Popov

Explicitly start postgres on azure

Seems to be necessary now...

9b39ddbb08-Jun-2020 Nikita Popov

Disable mysqlnd compression on msan build

This recently got enabled when detection was fixed. However,
we don't want this for msan builds, because our zlib is not

6ad7464822-May-2020 Alex Dowad

Show diffs for failed tests on Azure CI

It's currently not possible to view the "Tests" tab on Azure if
you're not signed in, so also display diffs in the log.

Closes GH-5612.

405bea4715-May-2020 Nikita Popov

Update msan symbolizer path

To account for the newer version of LLVM on Ubuntu 18.04.

9c5d9b4904-May-2020 Nikita Popov

Fix i386 build on Azure

Disabling postgresql entirely for now, because I can't figure out
how to fix it. Something broke big time with i386 packages on
Azure pipelines.

bf382a3c18-Mar-2020 Nikita Popov

Explicitly start mysql

372331fc18-Mar-2020 Nikita Popov

Use "set -e" in some pipeline steps

979978cb06-Mar-2020 Nikita Popov

Fix community job

Marco broke things again.